Marc Wyzomirski

Creative Director & President of Skylance Studio, LLC

About Me

My name is Marc Wyzomirski and I am the President and Creative Director of Skylance Studio, a video game company that I founded in November of 2012.

I hail from upstate New York, where I have lived my whole life. Born in the same year as the Nintendo Entertainment System’s release, I have grown up loving video games for as long as I can remember. Strangely perhaps, I had no aspirations in my childhood to ever enter the industry, let alone even wonder how games were made. That changed however, when I got my first computer.

As a self-taught programmer, I dabbled in making small demos and recreating other game engines such as Megaman and Castlevania. Without good help though, my projects never saw a true release; however I gained much valuable experience and knowledge in the process.

My first job was with a local studio of Activision. The experienced sparked my interest in starting my own company and trying my hand at game development on my own terms.

I recently started a blog here as a way to potentially connect with my audience as I enter the industry once again under my own terms.


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