Marc Wyzomirski

Creative Director & President of Skylance Studio, LLC


Hamster Drop & Skylance Studio


Hello and welcome!

I am Marc Wyzomirski and I have founded the video game company Skylance Studio, LLC. We have revealed our first game at PAX East 2013, Hamster Drop!

So what is this Hamster Drop? You can check it out at the Facebook page. It’s a small title for mobile platforms that borrows from the old arcade classic days with a simple and intuitive, yet very fun gameplay. The object of the game is to save falling hamsters by catching them with your trampoline. You must also avoid nasty hazards such as bombs.

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Address Change

Our bad.

Sorry about that folks! We changed the address of the blog to avoid some confusion, and to consolidate it all in one place. Afterall, the Hamster Drop website is about to open, and it makes sense for everything to be under one domain. Throw it in with indie inexperience. Please accept our apologies.

We’ll be transferring the necessary information here, please bear with us!